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Minneapolis, Minnesota       12oz


The extraordinary story of Bootleg began on the shores of Lake Minnetonka when city folk took the Great Northern train to and fro this idyllic setting.  No stranger to the cocktail scene, the area provided escape and refuge to the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Al Capone and John Dillinger.  This refreshing beverage's allure grew steadily throughout the region with Prohibition only adding to its appeal.


Disaster loomed when the secret of Bootleg's unique taste nearly fell victim to the Lake's Gand hotel fires. Miraculously the original handcrafted recipe survived alongside a well-concealed still on the western shores of Phelps Bay. Today, this elusive refreshment continues to intrigue.  Now with the canned Bootleg premium malt beverage, we can enjoy Minnesota's signature drink with friends anywhere - one minted sip at a time.

Freshly Minted

Bootleg Handcrafted Recipe

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