Who We Are

Copper Mountain Beverage Company began back in 2004 as we decided to take on a new challenge to produce our own beers.  


We started off selling a line of lower priced products called Four O as a way to take our 70 plus years of experience in alcohol sales and do something new and exciting.


This year we are thrilled to be launching a new line of craft beers, spirits, and wine to keep up with current market trends.

Another major focus for us here at Copper Mountain is the expansion of our private label program to include craft beers, spirits, and wine.  


We are one of the largest private label manufacturers in the United States.

We look forward to working with you!

What We Do


Copper Mountain Beverage Co. supplies distributors with a full line of domestic and imported beer, wine, and spirits.


We are a licensed importer of alcoholic beverage products with the capabilities and contacts to export all over the world.


We are experts in producing private label beer, wine, and spirits and can provide packaging design, as well as government approval.

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