Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Lemon Shake Up - Lemon Flavored Vodka, 750 ml

At the heart of every county fair stands the time-honored Lemon Shake Up stand, a Hoosier tradition for so many years.

Enjoy County Fair Lemon Shake Up as you take a stroll down memory lane and we pay homage to the Indiana farmers who have given us so much.

Serve County Fair Lemon Shake Up on the rocks, mixed with your favorite lemon-lime soda or fresh squeezed lemonade. The perfect drink for the perfect time of year!


Fire Breather - Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey, 750 ml

At the center of every County Fair stands the amazing Midway, with its Rides, Games and Freak shows.

Be it the Bearded Lady, Sword-Swallowing or the Fire Eater the Midway has it all.


With Fire Breather we pay Homage to our favorite Freak Show, The Fire Eater!  We all have a little Freak in us, Drink Fire Breather and get Freaky!