Evansville, Indiana


While the product of the F. W. Cook Brewing Co. — the famous "Pilsener Beer " also known as Cook's Beer — has become a household word and is the most popular beverage in the midwest, it has also won an enviable reputation abroad, especially in the southern states, and large quantities of it are daily being shipped to all the principal cities of the south. Purity, brilliancy and deliciousness of the flavor, together with its sparkling, foaming qualities, is what has made the Pilsener of the F. W. Cook Brewing Co. so popular wherever it has been introduced.

Cook's Beer Timeline
Cook's Lager 12oz
Cook's Light 12oz
Cook's Beer Ice 12oz

Cook's Beer


12 oz. / 16oz.


A smooth, easy drinking lager. Perfect for any occasion.


12 oz. / 16oz.

A crisp, light lager, for times when you want something refreshing without filling up.


12 oz. / 16oz. /  24oz.


A tasty ice beer, great for a hot day.